Orthodontic Wires

For over 16 years, IMD has been recognized as the Chinese pioneer manufacturer of high-quality dental arch wires, thanks to our precision manufacturing. From special alloy formulas, accurate calculation of tracer drawing and reduction rate and a high precision diamond-drawing process to meticulous inspection for the key control points and final products, we’ve developed technical requirements and test standards that ensure precision, high stability and consistency guaranteed.


We offer a wide selection of high-quality orthodontic arch wires designed to treat almost any situation. Different types of braces wires: Tri-MEMAlloy, MEMAlloy and BIO MEMAlloy NiTi wires offer super-elastic shape-memory properties unparalleled in the industry. Our Cu-Alloy NiTi wire offers enhanced thermal-reactive properties, and the flexible and smooth Beta Titanium orthodontic archwire is manufactured in small batches to promote consistency and reduce breakage. We also offer a wide array of high-quality stainless steel.


Advantages Of Orthodontic Wires

High-quality orthodontic wires design


Super-elastic shape memory properties


Consistency and uneasy to damage