Prototype PCB Assembly


Prototype Assembly Specializing in small and medium runs with fast lead-times and no minimum quantity requirements.

Fast delivery time is critical for Prototype PCB Assembly. Fastlink Electronics has a professional team to manage the entire prototype PCB assembly process, including all component procurement, PCB assembly, quality control, functional testing, all the way to the product delivery to your hands.


Turnkey prototype PCB assembly is our specialty. We have professional soldering technicians, component sourcing experts and SMT process engineers, we can provide a reasonable price and highly flexible PCB assembly project, fast turnaround is also one of our big advantage.

What Are The Advantages Of Fastlink Electronics To Do The Prototype Pcb Assembly?


Fast turnaround time


For Prototype PCB Assembly, the most important thing customers need is to receive the perfect product in the shortest possible time. Fastlink Electronics is known for its fast delivery times.


No MOQ, according to your project requirements


We can provide automatic or semi-automatic through-hole assembly service, even if you only need 1pcs prototype PCB assembly, we are equally valued.


Technical Support


We are happy to provide initial consultation via phone or email to all customers who rely on Fastlink Electronics’ fast turnaround time, superior customer service, and industry-leading engineering expertise.


Excellent Quality


Fastlink Electronics is fully qualified to manufacture PCB assemblies with lead and RoHS in accordance with IPC-A-610 specifications. We strive to comply with IPC quality standards every time because we know how important it is to keep electrical components as safe and efficient as possible. It is crucial to understand the common pitfalls of through-hole assembly PCBs, and how to avoid them and make durable products.


What Are The Precautions For Prototype Pcb Assembly When A New Product Is Released?



It is easy for changes in design. If you feel that the design doesn’t seem right for you, you can easily change it.


It can easily troubleshoot problems. This means you don’t have to deal with future errors at a high cost. With a prototype, you can test it over and over again to make sure it works the way you want it to.


It ensures quality, and with Prototype PCB Assembly you can make sure you’re using the most efficient technology.


It allows new products to be tested and modified before production begins.


It allows for a shorter time. This is possible because it demonstrates the feasibility of the design and also reduces rework.


It provides the ability to test components individually. This is especially important for complex projects.