Grow Lights For Lettuce

Grow Lights for lettuce can be changed with the lumen output (intensity) of the light to lettuce. Different type of plant being cultivated has different cultivation stage. Grow Lights for lettuce will cater to the needs of lettuce germination period and vegetative period required to irradiate the specific range light of the spectrum.


Grow Lights For Lettuce

The service life of S1200+ Grow Lights is 10 times longer than that of ordinary energy-saving lamps, and far exceeds that of ordinary incandescent lamps. Although this type of lamp is more expensive, it is more efficient because it does not need to be replaced frequently, and it also saves electricity costs. S1200+ Grow Lights have a generate less heat compared with other lamps, thus eliminating the cost of expensive and complicated cooling systems.


Can Any Led Light Be Used As A Grow Light For Lettuce?

No. Lettuce grow lights are mainly red and blue components in the visible light spectrum. Ordinary led lights are just light-emitting diodes, and the spectrum is concentrated in the green part. The LED used in the field of plant cultivation also exhibits the following characteristics: rich wavelength types, just in line with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light morphology; the spectrum wave width is narrow at half width, and can be combined as needed to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum; it can be concentrated for specific wavelength.


Can You Grow Lettuce Under Grow Lights?


Growing Lettuce Under Led LightsLettuce Led Grow Lights


You can grow lettuce under grow lights which can replace sunlight. Just to take an example, a plant factory in Xinjiang, China can produce 200 kilograms of lettuces per day in a small building of less than 400 square meters though many people can’t believe in it. The only one tool that this plant factory used to ensure high yield of lettuce is the LED artificial light. The light sources for lettuce are red and blue light sources of 6:1 and 7:1 respectively, which are most suitable for its growth.


Can Lettuce Grow Under 24 Hour Light?


The lettuce fill light does not need to be turned on for 24 hours, let alone turn on when you remember it. The correct way to use it is: turn it on at dawn and turn it off within 2 to 3 hours after dark because plants also have time to rest. If you want lettuce to grow well, you have to follow their growth rules.