LED Time And Temperature Sign


LED Time And Temperature Sign, which is with GPS timing and synchronization, you do not need to worry about the time accuracy and time calibration. There is a sensor for the temperature sign too, so the temperature is working automatically.


Types of LED Time And Temperature Sign

LED Time Clock provides superior readability during tense, and is time-sensitive, and also if you want the time to be a countdown, it is ok too, we can make this function program in the controller.


What Temperature Can Led Lights Withstand?

How warm the LED temperature sign gets while it works will depend on the LED working ambient temperature. Normally it is +50 -20. In other words, if the ambient temperature is too high, the LEDs will not die, but they will reduce their lifespan.


What Makes LEDs Superior To Other Types Of Outdoor Signage?

LED Temperature signs are a great way to advertise. Because they are bright, colorful, and have excellent clarity. Especially at the night, that is why a lot of advertisers use them. It is most important it goes run with your business and make your company famous.


Why Yu Hong LED Time And Temperature Sign?

Led Temperature Sign is affordable, reliable, and saves energy.

Led Digital temperature sensing for increased accuracy and reliability.

The led sign provides a big viewing angle and daytime visibility.