High Frequency (50 KHz-120KHz)

High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The working frequency of CX series high-frequency induction heating equipment covers 50KHZ ~ 120KHZ. You can find the existence of this high-frequency induction heating machine series in induction welding, tool welding, pipe welding, thermal nesting, thermal packaging, etc.


High Frequency Induction Heating Machine Types


50-120KHZ 15KVA 34A



50-120KHZ 20KVA 45A



50-120KHZ 30KVA 23A



50-120KHZ 60KVA 45A


Advantages of JKZ High-frequency Induction Heating Equipment

Strict selection of high-quality components and optimized design scheme. After long-term use, the induction generator of JKZ high-frequency induction heater can still work stably and reliably.

A variety of remote control schemes can be selected, and this induction heating equipment can also allow you to control the working status of your high-frequency induction heating equipment through various signals such as on-off signals, 4-20mA, 0-10V, etc.

Equipped with a condition monitoring system (CMS), JKZ high power induction heater can alarm its users about possible equipment failures in real-time.

With a lightweight design scheme, it is convenient for customers to flexibly adjust the installation location of our high-frequency inverter for induction heating.

The induction coil of our high-frequency induction heating machine is simple to make and can be adapted to various workpieces of different shapes.


Principle Of High-Frequency Induction Heating

The induction coil of the high-frequency induction heater will generate a powerful magnetic beam of polar instantaneous changes. When operating a high-frequency heater, the metal that requires heat treatment will be placed in the high-frequency coil, and the magnetic beam mentioned above will penetrate the entire ready-to-be-heated metal object. The corresponding powerful eddy current will then be generated. Since there is a resistor in the metal, strong jeophenia will then be generated and cause the temperature of the inductive heating material to rise rapidly, thereby achieving heat treatment.


High-Frequency Induction Heating Is Used For?

The main applicable industry range of the high-frequency induction heating machine mainly includes high-frequency wave induction, high-frequency sensing heat treatment, high-tech wave induction metal smelting, etc.