LED Neon Tube Light


The Led neon tube light is used emitting diodes, which makes it perfect efficiency, and easy for mounting. Using led neon tube light to make the logo sign, which is extremely energy efficient, and saves your cost too.


Types of LED Neon Tube Light

220v LED Neon Light

LED Neon Light


Differences Between Traditional Neon and LED Signs


Brightness, LED neon light is more bright than the traditional, when you use it for a light sign, it has no black dots. Also, it has more long life than traditional neon. That is LED neon lights have remained popular with businesses all over the world.


LED Neon Tube Light FAQ


Do Neon Lights Consume A Lot Of Electricity?

LED neon light is highly efficient for energy consumption. This is a very good advantage compared with traditional neon lights.


What Voltage Does Neon Light Require?