The decoration is an important part of the celebration, and you will want your desktop to be as memorable as everything else. Delicatedecor, as a professional tablecloth factory, will offer high-quality tablecloths with different colors, sizes, and textures.


Your tablecloth is one of the fastest ways to make a change in your kitchen or dining room. When you choose high-quality hessian tablecloths, like those provided by Delicatedecor which is a professional tablecloth manufacturer with its own factory, they allow different distribution throughout your decoration.


Not only can these jute burlap fine tablecloths for sale play a good protective role for the dining table, but can also play the role of decoration. Besides colorful table runners, high-quality colorful tablecloths wholesale can be used to easily change the style of a table, and as long as you use these natural colored cream linen tablecloths for sale, there will bring you “earth-shaking” changes.


When you host a grand christmas dinner decorated with colored burlap ribbons, a new elegant red xmas tablecloth for outside tables that looks refreshing, clean, and following the trend will let your guests know that you have paid attention to all the details. For your loved ones, important holidays or birthdays also deserve a new look. Among the various for sale, there’s always a tablecloth you will like, whether it’s multi colored cotton tablecloth, practical polyester tablecloth, or an elegant one for weddings! Feel free to contact us, buy them in bulk and get our competitive wholesale price.


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Find Tablecloth Made with Different Materials


Various Color Choice for Tablecloth


Tablecloth for Holiday Decor


Tablecloth Selection-Shape, Size

Rectangle Tablecloth

What shape of your table matters a lot when choosing a suitable tablecloth. If your table is rectangular, then our rectangle tablecloths are your best choice in terms of quality and beauty. As a responsible and faithful tablecloth manufacturer, we aim at producing different shapes of tablecloths to meet customer’s ever-changing, ever-demanding requirements.


Square Tablecloth

If you want to decorate your square table in proper way, please do not hesitant to pick up our attractive and elegant square tablecloth. With a long history of tablecloth for sale, we guarantee this square tablecloth would never fail your expectation!


Round Tablecloth

If the restaurant area is relatively large, then you can generally choose a round table. Considering the size of your table, this product improves your indoor decoration and adds beauty to your house. As a professional tablecloth manufacturer, we make a promise for producing not only high-quality tablecloths but also elegant round ones.


Tablecloth Sizing Guide

How to choose your tablecloth size?

1. Round tablecloth selection


Diameter + each side hanging 30CM, for example, table diameter is 90CM, then you can use a 150CM diameter tablecloth, you can also use a 150*150CM tablecloth.  


2. The choice of square tablecloth


It is generally 15-35cm hanging around, which is a more appropriate vertical size to match various high quality placemats. Selecting the method of the tablecloth, (length of tablecloth one length of the table)÷2= length of the vertical edge.  


3. The size of the coffee tablecloth selection


The coffee table is generally about 45-50cm high, so the coffee tablecloth can not be too large and the hanging edge should not be too much. It is appropriate if the surrounding droop is about 15CM. For example, a 60*120CM coffee table matched with a 90*150CM coffee tablecloth is the most appropriate size for your table.


What size tablecloth do you need?


Tablecloth Width     

Tablecloth Length


70inches, 86inches, 102inches, 120inches, 52inches


70inches, 86inches, 102inches, 120inches, 54inches


70inches, 86inches, 102inches, 120inches


86inches, 102inches, 120inches, 140inches, 60inches





55inches round

60inches round

70inches round

90inches round

108inches round


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