SmCo Magnets

Category: rare earth magnets/ Samarium-Cobalt magnets/ SmCo magnets


Advantages: highest coercive force; highest working temperature; good temperature stability


Disadvantages: price is too expensive


The same as neodymium magnets, Samarium Cobalt magnets are also rare earth permanent magnets, which short as SmCo magnets. It is an alloy of Samarium, Cobalt and other rare earth elements. SmCo permanent magnets successfully developed in the year 1970, it is the second strong rare earth permanent magnets, which have the highest BH(max) and Coercivity.


It’s working temp. can up to 350 degrees, no limit below 0 degrees. Its temperature stability and chemical stability are all better than neodymium permanent magnets for working temp. that more than 180 degrees. So compared with neodymium magnets, SmCo magnets are more suitable to work under high temperature, and used to make high property permanent magnetic motors, and used to make the magnets application products which suit for a very special working environment.  There are two component of for SmCo magnets,  Sm1Co5 magnets, and Sm2Co17 magnets.


Because of its good ability of resist corrosion,surface protection treatment not needed for SmCo magnets. SmCo magnets have strong ability of anti-corruption and antioxidant, so it widely used in different magnetic transmission gear, transducer, instrument, meters etc.

The features of SmCo magnets:

1. The ability to resist demagnetization is very good for SmCo magnets.

2. The temperature stability of SmCo magnets is nice.

3. The price of Samarium Cobalt magnets is expensive.

4. SmCo magnets are easy to break into pieces.

The main harms of rare earth SmCo magnets: