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Look For CNC Machining Metal Materials

As an advanced CNC metal machining manufacturer in Guangdong, China, Flourish Legend is committed to providing high-quality and precision custom parts and component solutions. With years of experience and excellent technical capabilities, we can machine various metal materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, steel, copper, titanium, and more. These materials are widely used in various industries, including automotive manufacturing, electronic devices, medical instruments, aerospace, and more.


Types of CNC Metal Materials Available

CNC Machining Aluminium

Flourish Legend specializes in CNC machining of aluminum alloys. With advanced technology and precision equipment, we ensure high precision and stringent quality standards in manufacturing complex aluminum alloy parts and meeting your fine machining requirements. We strive to deliver premium and durable aluminum alloy products that meet your highest expectations.


CNC Machining Stainless Steel

CNC machining stainless steel can provide precision products for various industries, the durability, corrosion resistance and aesthetics of stainless steel products make them the first choice in industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical. Use CNC technology to meet complex designs and tight tolerances, create complex product shapes, and improve product performance while maintaining the inherent strength and longevity of the material.