JimaFor Stamping

JimaFor’s extensive portfolio of ancillary products encompasses over 500 varieties of automotive stamping parts. This includes essential components such as truck fuel tanks and brackets, hoop assemblies, air reservoir assemblies, car assembly plate assemblies, and front and rear subframes. The company’s impressive production capabilities stand testament to its industry leadership.


Annually, JimaFor has the capacity to produce 1 million car parts and 200,000 medium and heavy truck parts. Additionally, the company boasts a mold processing capability of 300 sets. These figures not only highlight JimaFor’s vast production capabilities but also its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the automotive industry. The company’s technological prowess, scale of operations, and research and development capabilities place it in a leading position within the domestic industry. JimaFor’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that it continues to set the standard in automotive parts manufacturing