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Shot Blasting Machine Wiki

Shot blasting machine

Industry Cleaning, mechanical

Application Automotive industry, Construction industry, Wind power industry, Railway industry, Foundry-Forging industry, Shipyard

Inventor Benjamin Chew Tilghman

Invented October 18, 1870


The shot blasting machine is an equipment used to reinforce, clean or polish any metal surface or metal. Shot blasting, also known as abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting. Historically, shot blasting is not a relatively modern concept, the first shot blasting machine in the world was patented (US patent 108,408.) by Benjamin Chew Tilghman (1821–1901),[1] an American soldier and inventor,[2] on October 18, 1870.[3]

Shot blasting is a technique in which a selected class of abrasive particles is used to remove material from a surface at a high speed (65 -110 m/s) corrosion rate. It is the operation of forcing the abrasive stream to the surface under high pressure to smooth the rough surface, roughen the smooth surface, and shape or remove surface contaminants. A pressurized fluid (usually compressed air), or a centrifugal wheel is used to propel the blast material (commonly referred to as the medium).



1. Shot Blasting Machine Video (3D Visualization)

2. Overview

3. History

4. Methods

3.1 Mechanical blasting

3.2 Air blasting

5. Classification

4.1 Roller conveyor type shot blasting machine

4.2 Hanger type shot blasting machine

4.3 Rotary table type shot blasting machine

4.4 Tunnel type shot blasting machine

4.5 Barrel type shot blasting machine

4.6 Trolley type shot blasting machine

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7. Global market

8. References

Shot Blasting Machine Video (3D Visualization)




Shot blasting is a process that treats metals to remove rust, grease, scale, and other irregularities to create a smooth surface for applying a finishing surface. During this process, ssome abrasive material is blasted onto the surface and depending on the surface being treated, they may be sand, beads or water. It is important to create a smooth and clean surface to apply the final surface treatment, like, powder coating, to the metal surface to achieve a high-quality, beautiful and durable surface treatment. China sand blasting machine is a mechanical method that uses centrifugal wheels to propelling the abrasive to remove surface and other impurities from the surface of steel applications. In general, blasting prior to finishing serves three primary purposes:


· Cleans and descales surfaces


· Increase texture to enhance paint adhesion


· Properly reduces maintenance costs by extending coating life



Benjamin Tilghman was a general in the army and saw the effect of wind-blown sand on windows in the desert. This might be the basis of his shot blasting machine invention.


On October 18, 1870, Tilghman filed a patent, titled “Improvement in cutting and engraving stone, metal, glass, etc.”, in the US (US patent 108,408.), detailing many unique applications of the technology, such as sharpening files, carving bottles, cleaning boilers or turning The wood grain comes out. Later that year, a patent was issued in the UK.



Broadly, there are two methods of shot blasting machines: air blasting and mechanical blasting (also known as airless blasting, and wheel blasting).


Mechanical blasting

In this system, the abrasive is propelled by fast rotating impellers driven by power.


Air blasting

In this system, the abrasive is propelled through a nozzle by compressed air (mechanical blasting is more widely used).



According to different structures of casting metal parts, shot blasting machine can be divided into roller conveyor type, hanger type, rotary table type, tunnel type, barrel type, trolley type, and so forth.


Roller conveyor type shot blasting machine

This type of sand blasting machine is the most environmentally friendly and effective process angle for removing all forms of rust and corrosion materials in steel plates, pipes, steel structures, H-beams, steel pipes, profiles, and steel channel. It can not only remove rust, but also remove welding slag on structural parts, eliminate welding stress, improve fatigue strength, increase paint film adhesion, and provide ideal surface finish (SA2.5-3.0) for workpieces to ensure continuous and effective bonding between the steel surface and the coating. It is used in almost all industries that use metals, including aerospace, automotive, construction, casting, shipbuilding, railways, and many other industries.


Hanger type shot blasting machine

This type of machine is the most flexible and versatile shot blasting machine. It has two options: the single hook I type shot blasting machine and two hooks Y type shot blasting machine. It is specifically suitable for descaling of forgings, desanding of castings, removal of burrs and scales, surface treatment and deburring of welded constructions, et cetera.


Rotary table type shot blasting machine

Rotary shot blasting machine, also known as table type shot blasting machine, is suitable for various shapes and sizes, castings, forged parts, pressed parts, steel and non-ferrous metal parts and parts made of fragile materials, clean the surface, remove casting sand and debris Consolidate the surface (micro-treatment), and roughen the surface before coloring. They are divided into single rotary table shot blasting machine and swing table shot blasting machine, and the latter is more effective than the former.


Tunnel type shot blasting machine

This type of machine is a non-standard shot blasting machine designed according to the workpiece information. It is mainly used for surface treatment of large steel structures to remove rust, old paint and old putty. For large workpieces, it can use a double electric hoist to lift the workpieces through the shot blasting chamber, and the workpieces can be shot blasted. It adopts imported PLC control, with automatic/manual control mode. and has an automatic/manual control mode. The entire hook realizes automatic fault detection through the type of shot blasting machine.


Barrel type shot blasting machine

Barrel type shot blasting machine is an integral whole model, simple accessories, durable and high quality. It is mainly used for batch cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoration, deburring and shot peening treatment of various products.


Trolley type shot blasting machine

This type of machine is mainly used for cleaning and strengthening of casting surface, removal of oxides and welding slag, widely used in petroleum casting, forging, machinery, steel and other industries.



Initially, the shot blasting machine was used for industrial purposes, such as removing rust or polishing metal before painting. Nowadays, the technique has decorative purposes, including sculpting and texturing. Current uses include engraving awards, such as trophies and crystal awards, production of 3D signage, glass decoration, and building refurbishment, however one of the earliest items to be sold after was Alfred Dunhill’s pipes which he found sold for more money than his smooth pipes.


Nowadays, the shot blasting machine has become a mandatory industry for every industry, mainly including automotive, construction, wind power railway Industry, foundry-forging, and shipyard industry, to clean and polish surface metal preparation. The main benefit of the shot blasting machine is that it provides an effective and smooth surface to any kind of the metals.