The Cold Roll Forming Automation Is Realized

Cold-formed steel is one of many kinds of steel products. Strip steel with a certain width passes through a set of longitudinally arranged rolls under normal temperature conditions, and gradually deforms to reach the shape and size that meets the requirements of the use, and then cut into the product with certain length according to the required size. Surely, cold-formed steel can also be obtained by deformation methods such as stamping, bending or drawing.


However, the roll forming method is suitable for large-scale industrial production. Its product quality, processing cost, and production efficiency are unmatched by other methods. It is the main production process of cold-formed steel at present. On the premise of foreign technology, fully automated complete production is realized.


The future development direction of the cold-formed machinery industry is to improve tooling and equipment, improve material properties, study the position of the rolling mill axis, and improve product standards and product design, deflection and material deformation.


According to this situation, the cold roll forming machine will also tend to be more flexible in design, but the design of a highly flexible cold roll forming machine will also become a problem. It is expected that with the development of modern technology, cold bending equipment will become more and more advanced. Companies with technological innovation capabilities have long-term competitive advantages. It can transform traditional industries with high technology, actively introduce, digest, and absorb advanced technologies and equipment at home and abroad, improve the level of enterprise equipment, accelerate equipment renewal and technological innovation, and increase the added value of products.