HX technology is determined to provide high-quality telecommunication services, including PCB telecommunication, 5g PCB design, current sensor PCB, current sensor PCB, and so on. Despite other parts, PCB assembly plays a crucial role in telecommunication services. The quality of PCBA determines the quality of the products and it’s life length. Many of our clients in telecom choose us to be their best PCBA supplier.


5G PCB Development

As a new generation of revolutionary technology, 5G not only means an exponential increase in data transmission speed but also a truly converged network, which will promote related application fields, such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence. Telematics and interactive multimedia applications will be popularized, thus forming the “Internet of Everything” era.


PCB as the “mother of electronic products”, the profound changes in the downstream consumer market will directly affect the development trajectory of the PCB industry. The industry generally believes that the next three to five years 5G communications will surpass today’s intelligent terminals, automotive electronics two major application markets, the first engine to drive the growth of the PCB industry.


Requirements for 5G PCB Design

The selection of boards to meet the requirements of high frequency, high speed.


Impedance matching.


The planning of the layer stack.


Wiring and hole spacing to meet the signal integrity requirements.


The operator can consider 5G PCB design specifically from the loss, buried, high-frequency phase or amplitude, mixed voltage, heat dissipation, PIM these six aspects.


PCB Telecommunication Overview

PCB telecommunication demand is divided into segments such as communications equipment and mobile terminals. Communications equipment is mainly used for wired or wireless network transmission of communications infrastructure, including communications base stations, routers, switches, etc. Communication equipment mainly uses high multi-layer PCB telecommunication boards, of which 8-16 layers account for about 42% of the mobile terminal is dominated by HDI and flexible boards.


Other PCB Assembly Applications