PCB Prototype


The minimum order quantity is 1pcs, protecting customer privacy and respecting product design. We can sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

By using decades of extensive experience, an efficient system, and cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide quick turn services for both simple and complex orders without sacrificing quality.


Fastlink Electronics has the experience and capabilities to create the exact prototype you need. Our experienced engineering staff knows when prototype is manufacturable which can help our clients determine the best materials and variations to hit budgets and manufacturing deadlines.

How Long Does It Take To Design And Customize The Pcb Prototype?


The time to customize a PCB prototype depends on the PCB material chosen and the complexity and number of PCB prototypes. A fast link circuit can help you to complete design and prototype production in the shortest time, we usually help customers save 1-2 weeks.


Benefits of PCB Prototype



Avoid Failures

Prototypes can help analyze PCB design and functionality prior to production. Fastlink Electronics’ engineers can anticipate the possibility of failure and help you avoid failure.



Cost Savings

A PCB failure in the final stages of manufacturing can result in a loss of materials, costs, and effort. With us, Fastlink Electronics can analyze the function of the PCB at the beginning of the manufacturing process.



Avoid Mistakes

Prototypes help manufacturers detect potential bugs in PCBS. They can simulate it to understand how it works in a real environment. In this way, PCB manufacturers can avoid the same mistakes and avoid potential bugs in final manufacturing.