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Our best smartwatch screen protector is put to harsh and extreme conditions by runners, hikers, cyclists, etc. Protects from wear & tear even if you’re not active. We design our screen protection products like smartwatch glass protector, tempered glass watch protector, watch liquid screen protector and watch glass screen protector to be able to handle active lifestyles – which means proven toughness that everyone can benefit from! New tech devices such as smartwatches or phones are expensive. Even placing it in a pocket or purse can ruin it. Don’t risk damaging your tech by not protecting it with a watch scratch protector. Maintains the original touch sensitivity when touch and slide with fingers.


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Why Do You Need Tempered Glass For Your Apple Watch?

As the apple watch equips larger screen, you have more space to utilize on your watch. However, it also means that it is much easier to get stuck or bump into something, especially in sports. With this rugged tempered glass screen protector, you don’t have to make expensive repairs.nothing stands in the way of your next adventure!


Is This Item Easy To Use?

Simply tear off the back layer of protector and align and apply the screen protector to the apple watch screen, easy and bubble-free.


Does It Touch Sensitive?

Yes, the Ultra thin protector maintains your watch’s fast response sensitivity to make sure quick app launching. Strengthen the hydrophobic & oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and keep the surface clean at all times.