5G Fronthaul Passive WDM Solution


In the 5G era, the wireless network basically adopts the C-RAN site-building mode, and DU is deployed in a centralized manner. Some 5G remote sites will be co-located with the existing 4G remote sites. There is an urgent need for the fronthaul of base stations with deep coverage, and the fiber direct-drive fronthaul solution exists. There are a series of problems such as serious consumption of optical fiber resources and difficulty in expansion. As a one-stop solution service provider for optical communications, Guangzhou Sintai Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a 5G fronthaul passive WDM solution for this purpose.


5G Fronthaul Passive WDM Solution Features

Support CPRI 1~10 and eCPRI (10G/25G), compatible with STM-1/4/16/64, GE/10GE/25GE and other multi-service unified bearers, transparent transmission, maximize the value of fronthaul network


Without changing the network structure, expanding the physical channel of pure transparent transmission, without introducing delay and jitter


Modular configuration, 1:6/12/18 optional, can achieve multi-directional multi-level convergence, large-scale fiber saving


A variety of color light modules can be provided, supporting CWDM 18 waves, MWDM 12 waves, and meeting various line power budget index requirements


Pure passive working environment, reducing failure points, plug and play, no configuration, simple maintenance


The passive wavelength division multiplexer is small and light and supports multiple installation methods such as rack-mounted, wall-mounted, pole-mounted, etc.


5G Fronthaul Passive WDM Solution Application Scenario

Mainly meet the needs of end point-to-point CRAN networking scenarios, the distance between DU and AAU sites is within 10km


In areas where optical fiber resources are scarce, there are no pipeline resources and new optical fibers are laid unconditionally


When limited by the construction period, it can be used as an emergency solution to temporarily solve the fiber problem