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Candle Wicks Wholesale

Candle Wicks Wholesale

Myerswax carries a lot of raw types of candle wick and pre-waxed good candle wicks components! As a professional candle wick manufacturer in China, we offer candle wick bulk in small or large rolls and pre-waxed wicks wholesale components.


Types Of Candle Wicks Wholesale

As a professional candle wick manufacturer in China, we provide different types of candle wick bulk as follows.


Cored Wick

Cored wick is applied for candles requiring self-supporting wicks, such as containers, prayers, columns and novelties. Candle wick china is recommended to pre-wax these candle cores to increase the hardness. There are three types of cored candle wicks, cotton core, paper core, and zinc core. Zinc is the hardest, followed by paper and cotton.


Flat Braid Wick

Flat braid wick can be used to make independent candles such as columns and thin candles. It is designed to bend slightly while burning, which burns evenly and reduces carbon (mushroom) on the top.


Square Braid Wick

Square braid wick is used in most beeswax wax candles, small candles and posts. This type of candle wicks bulk is designed to have a slight bend at its apex while burning.


HTP Wick

This is a candle core that combines the advantages of self-trimming with the rigidity of the candle core. These increased candle core rigidity provide improved wax pool symmetry and fewer carbon heads (mushrooms) than traditional core candle cores. This multifunctional wick performed well in paraffin, soy, and plant wax.


Features of Myers Candle Wicks

1. Our candle wicks have consistent flame, there will be no self-extinguishing.


2. It’s safe to use, the temperature is not too high, so that well avoiding potential scald


3. It’s durable for use with long burn time


4. There is less smoke while the candle is burning


5. Smaller & safer flame ensure a safer using environment


6. It’s non-toxic, having no negative effect for your health.


Factors Affecting Candle Wick Price

When you’re shopping for wicks, the factors influencing their prices are many. First, the type of wick will play a role in determining the price. For example, carbide wicks have gotten more expensive recently due to the high demand for them from large candle manufacturing businesses. Whereas natural fibers like linen are typically less expensive than synthetic materials such as polyester or polypropylene because they don’t burn quite as cleanly or last quite as long as some other options.


The characteristics of a candle wick, such as thickness and composition, will determine the price. Other factors affecting the cost of candle wicks include the quality of cotton and flax used to make them, where they are produced, and whether they are impregnated with chemicals.


The cost of a wick also depends on several factors, including the type of fibers used; their length, weight and width; and the number of inches in each bundle of wicks. Each factor will have an impact on the price. If you are looking for an inexpensive candle wax that makes for easy pouring, consider purchasing a soy wax such as Ecosoya which is made from soybean oil and palm stearin.


Myers is a leading candle wick manufacturer in China, providing types of quality candle wicks wholesale, welcome to contact us for what you need.