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Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of gas compressors from China. Our main products include BOG compressors, LPG compressors, CNG compressors, and other gas compressors for CNG/LNG tank trucks, CNG filling station, LNG filling station, LNG gasification station, L-CNG filling station, LNG storage station, LNG peak regulation station, LNG receiving station, LPG filling station, chemical plant, oil and gas plant, etc. Each of Aipu piston reciprocating compressors is designed and manufactured professionally on the basis of the technical data and requirements from the end-users. As one of the leading reciprocating natural gas compressor manufacturers, we have different types of gas compressors for sale such as industrial reciprocating compressors, natural gas booster compressors, reciprocating compressors, etc., which are offered at a reasonable price. We keep developing new technology and manufacturing processes to improve our different types of gas compressors and gas compression systems so that they could meet the market demand and the users’ expectations. Here you can find our natural gas compressor for sale.


BOG Compressor

BOG compressors also called boil-off gas compressors, are widely used to recover natural gas and boil-off gas left after the unloading of LNG cryogenic tanks and CNG tankers. The boil-off gas recovery system would be recovered and pressurized to CNG refilling station or pipeline network to achieve the dual purpose of maximum economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Z-type BOG Compressor

V-type BOG Recovery Compressor


LPG Compressor

LPG compressors, one type of gas compressors for sale, are widely applied in liquefied petroleum gas stations, LPG car filling stations and mixed gas stations, and they are also an ideal equipment for chemical plants to pressurize the gases and benefit themselves from it, and popular in the areas of loading and unloading of LPG tank truck and vessel and bottle filling and tank decanting of LPG and similar media.

Z-type LPG Compressor


CNG Compressor

CNG compressor is often used for medium size CNG filling stations, especially for CNG standard and daughter stations. It is a reciprocating (piston) gas compressor, which uses reciprocating compressor oil to operate and is mainly composed of the main compression,anti-explosive electric motor, cooling unit, lubrication unit, internal connection pipeline, safety valve, and the blow-down valve, the PLC control cabinet, etc. Currently, we have many natural gas compressors with reasonable prices for sale and they are widely used in the domestic and overseas markets.

D-type CNG Compressor

M-type CNG Compressor


Other Compressors

There are different types of gas compressors, such as hydrogen gas compressor, ammonia gas compressor, electric gas compressor, gas booster compressor, etc. Generally, they pressurize the gas to some desired pressure to meet people’s demands although the compressing mediums are different.

V-type Hydrogen Gas Compressor

Z-type Ammonia Gas Compressor


Compressor Solutions

Aipu, one of the oil and gas compressor manufacturers in oil and gas industry can be widely seen in the field of gas recovery and storage, oil and gas plants, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling stations, CNG filling stations, chemical areas, etc., its professional design and manufacture of oil and gas compressors with great prices meet the national standards and industrial requirements as well as the needs of users.

Compressor For LPG

Compressor For CNG

Recycle Compressor For BOG