LED Neon Light

As one of the leading neon light manufacturers in China, Hanway provides high-performance LED neon light wholesale directly to clients and others.


LED Neon Light Wholesale


Customize your design for your Led Neon Lights. We offer LED Neon Lights that will bring some pop to your space.


LED Neon Lights Custom Options


Normally, custom-made led neon light orders are needed in 7-12 days, we can meet customers’ needs. We have some unique lighting requirements for options:


Voltage: The voltages of our LED neon light for sale can be custom-made, AC220V, AC110V, AC120V, DC 24V, etc…


When you bring to us your ideal lighting requirements. We can design the voltage to your requirements.


Waterproof: The IP rate of the neon light wholesale can reach IP 68. Hanway also can customize this based on your requirements.


Custom Length: The normal packing of neon light wholesale is 50 meters for one roll, but we can produce it as your project space need length too.


Dimmable light: Hanway LED neon signs can be adjusted through the controllers, then use the remote control to disable the light.


Size can be custom-made: 8mm, 16mm, 26mm…


For Different projects, different widths, and densities, we can make the neon light wholesale order in accordance with your special needs.


LED Quantities: 80 LEDs/ meter, 120 LEDs / meter. More LEDs will have a better lighting effect.


Traditional Neon VS LED Neon


They both make light, but the way they’re processed gives each its own unique visual flavor. The most obvious difference is that LED neon signs use real glass tubing. On the flip side, LED neon lights for sale are created using strips of light-emitting diodes which, when strung together, give the illusion of a neon-like effect. LED neon light can be good for with environment and save energy and power. 


Why Choose Yu Hong as Your Neon Light Supplier?


Easy Assembly

Our neon lights for sale provide easy installation.



You can install led neon light in the Homeroom or outside the building with water. Yu Hong led neon light whose electrical elements are well-insulated.