Full Spectrum Flex LED Strip


The feature of this series of products is full spectrum design, using special lamp beads, visible part of the green and blue are similar to sunlight, CRI close to 100, R1-R15 are all greater than 90; The full spectrum mixed light is near the visual white or warm white light, with low light pollution, also high efficiency, it is suitable for classroom, hospital, museum, etc.


What does full spectrum mean in LED lights?

The complex mixture of light in sunlight, arranged in different wavelengths, is the spectrum of sunlight, which contains the spectrum curve of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. The spectrum of sunlight can be called the full spectrum.


Full spectrum light, is in the visible spectrum, infinite approximation of sunlight, good spectral continuity, low loss rate. The general color rendering index of R1-R8 is more than 95, while R9-R15 (especially R9 saturated red and R12 saturated blue) can reach more than 90, in order to truly achieve the color reduction ability comparable to sunlight, enough to deal with any color requirements and lighting scenes.