Copper clad steel plate, is a new type of material in which copper and steel plates are welded together by means of explosion bonding or explosion-roll bonding, so the copper steel clad plate cannot be separated. The copper steel clad plate is widely used because of its special characteristics.


Features of Copper Steel Clad Plate

High strength

Wear resistance

Corrosion resistance

Light weight

Lower cost

Thermal and electrical conductivity

Weldability, formability, extensibility


Applications of Copper Steel Clad Plate

The new copper-clad steel plate is a comprehensive functional material with advantages that cannot be matched by a single copper or steel.


The new copper-clad steel plate is actually used in Chemical industry, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical Industry, Salt Production Industry , Metallurgy Industry, Machinery Industry and other industries to manufacture corrosion-resistant pressure vessels and vacuum equipment whose total thickness is around 8-30mm.


Applicable Materials Table of Copper Steel Clad Plate

The Copper steel clad plate shall apply for Industrial Standards. The cladding material and the base metal in the table can be combined freely according to different needs. Copper Steel Clad Plates should be manufactured in accordance with ASME B432.

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