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SMC Automotive

Auto Parts Description


Parts made from sheet molding compound (SMC) are typically 25-35% lighter than steel parts and aluminum products of the same strength. The stroke is increased and the fuel consumption is greatly reduced.


SMC Automotive


Car Bumper

Battery Box Enclosure

Car Light

Auto Seat

Engine Intake Pipe

Electric Control Box


Auto Parts Manufacturer

Waiwaitree is a professional manufacturer of SMC automobile parts for cars, buses, trucks, transport and special vehicles.


Auto Parts And Accessories Features

Stable shape:

SMC’s thermal expansion coefficient, CLTE, is low enough to withstand engine temperatures and summer temperatures, making it suitable for automotive panel covers, engine covers and roof panels.

Surface treatment:

SMC body panels have excellent surface quality, are as easy to paint as traditional steel panels, and have a better texture.

Production cycle:

SMC is highly malleable, greatly reducing the number of components required for assembly, and thermoset materials reduce design and production time.


SMC has a strong insulation effect, 1mm can withstand tens of thousands of volts, and solves the insulation requirements in the automotive field.


SMC’s superior UV protection, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance, greatly improve the service life. Mainly include car bumpers, battery boxes, lights, seats, engine intake pipes, electric control boxes and so on.


Types of Auto Parts

Functional components. The functional SMC car parts have specific functions such as oil and corrosion protection for drip trays and heat-resistant insulating plates.

Car shell panel. Divided into vertical shell (side panels and doors) and horizontal shell (roof and hood). The development of car shells is very fast, especially the engine cover.

Structural parts. The impact strength and overall structure are very good. These SMC auto parts can ensure the safety of drivers and passengers after a collision, such as Formula One racing cars and car space frames.

Semi-structural parts with good mechanical strength and integrity, such as radiator brackets and beams.


Why SMC Automotive Parts

Significant weight reduction (about 20-35% lighter than equivalent steel parts);

Reduce manufacturing complexity by integrating parts into a single component and combining structure and component functions;

Reduce tool costs (40% less than steel stamping tools);

Compared with aluminum and steel, the SMC auto parts greatly enhance the ability to resist dents and dent damage, especially in terms of exterior walls (body panels);

Superior corrosion resistance;

Improved noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) characteristics;

Improve design flexibility by adapting to shape complexity, geometric details, and drawing depth range.