Sheet Metal Stamped Components

Sheet Metal Stamped Components

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Features of sheet metal stamping dies:

·Product name: Sheet Metal Stamped Components·Material:Carbon Steel, Barss, Copper, Stainless Steel, Alumnum, Titanium Alloy·Machining Tolerances:0.1mm·Machining Process:Punching, edging, pressing and welding·Min. Order:1000PCS·Surface Treatment: Polishing, Heat Treatment, Sand Blasting, Zinc Plated, Anodization, Chemical Fim,·Packing: Carton Box, Blister tray, Pallet, Wooden Case.·Certificate:ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949As a stamped components supplier, we provide custom metal stamping die and stamping sheet metal parts for sale.

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Description of stamping sheet metal parts

Sheet metal stampings are products made of thin sheets such as aluminum, steel or stainless steel and are usually produced in large quantities. The production is economical and environmentally friendly, since in contrast to other methods, the machining is done mechanically and thus energy-saving without thermal influence of the sheet material. Another feature of these stamped sheet metal parts is an optimal dimensional accuracy even with large quantities, which is ensured by the use of high-quality punching tools. Typical application examples are semi-finished products for assemblies, recesses, countersinks, gills, lugs and many more.


With a large selection of punching tools and state-of-the-art technology, Ningbo hewcho can produce custom metal stamping die with any shape to your specifications, cost-effectively . Especially for production orders with recurring shapes, CNC punching of sheet metal is the optimal manufacturing solution. All common sheet metal formats can be punched and folded up to a material thickness of 8 mm . Upon customer request, complete machining for ready-to-install components is no problem.

How is the punching of sheet metal done?

Sheet metal is stamped on NC-controlled punching nibbling machines. Our suppliers have an extensive range of punching tools available, which consist of a punch and die and precisely fit into each other. During the machining process, the metal sheet is fixed firmly on the machine table and guided precisely under the punching tool. This separates with rapid successive strokes the sheet material until the desired stampings are cut out of the sheet.