CHICO AMICA® Amino Acid Powder Organic Fertilizer

Product Introduction


Amino acid ≥40-45%.

NPK: 18-1-3.

Organic matter ≥42%.

Product Feature


CHICO AMICA Powder contains organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen, it is usually used as foliar fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, basal fertilizer, etc. It is a natural chelating agent of trace elements in alkaline soil, which can promote the absorption of trace elements by plants.



Improve quality and yield: increase fruit sugar content, full fruit, good gloss, promote early maturity, promote crop growth, preserve flowers and fruits, improve quality, and increase yields.


Mitigation of delayed growth: Effectively alleviate the delayed growth of crops caused by temperature, phytotoxicity and other reasons.


High absorption rate: easy to be quickly and effectively absorbed by crops, increase the utilization rate of other fertilizers, and enhance crop resistance to diseases.


Passivate heavy metals, reduce the content of nitrate, nitrite and heavy metals in the soil, and reduce environmental pollution.


Uses and Recommendations



Base fertilizer

Diluted 800-1000 times with water, 2-4kg/Ha;

Or mixed with other compound fertilizer irrigation

Foliar fertilizer

Diluted 800-1000 times with water, 2-4kg/Ha;

It can also be mixed with trace element fertilizer

and sprayed on foliage

Mixed fertilization

Mix with compound fertilizer at a ratio of 5%-8% to increase oxygen content and increase crop absorption rate



This product should be storage in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to the sun.


Please keep out of reach of children.


This product is allowed to be mixed with other fertilizers and pesticides, except strong acid fertilizers and pesticides.


Please do a small experiment before using it on a large scale.