Power Distribution Box For Event Rental LED Screen

Publish Time : Jan 17 2020

Nowadays, more and more customers as project managers want to purchase rental LED display screen for their events. Like there is a celebration party, a concert, a production release conference, a live sport, etc. It is widely used in the factory, shopping square, school, etc for the temporary advertising business.


Therefore, when using the rental LED screen for temporary application, the power source will be a problem. Thus you will need a power distribution box to transmit power and signal. Not only it is neat, convenient and portable to use and move, but also it can protect the power circuit when it overload, current leak, and short circuit, in order to protect the LED display and make it work efficiently.


The following is power distribution box and LED screen connection diagram.


For more details on rental LED screen or power distribution box, please contact our sales engineers. Thank you.