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The development of steel silo corrugated tile forming machine and steel silo has a history of more than 100 years, from riveting warehouse, welding warehouse, assembly warehouse, to the technical warehouse of the WDCPO steel warehouse patent group technology, steel warehouse The development of the company has been more than 100 years old and has been widely used abroad.


The steel silo for grain storage originated in the early 20th century. In the late 1970s, in the foreign grain industry, the steel silo almost replaced any type of granary. At present, 95% of granaries in the United States use steel silos.


China’s steel silo technology started late in the application and development of the grain industry. In 1982, Honghe Farm of Heilongjiang Province introduced galvanized corrugated sheet-mounted steel silos from the United States, which was the earliest modern steel silo group in China. In the 1990s, the construction of China’s steel silos achieved unprecedented development. In the 21st century, Zhengchang introduced a complete set of technology and special equipment production lines for assembled steel silos in the United States. Based on foreign advanced technology, design software and production standards, it has innovated and developed on the basis of digestion and absorption, and started mass production.


The production and installation of the assembled steel silo makes the steel silo reliable in terms of strength, performance and safety, and exports the steel silo as a product. It represents the international level of production, production and installation of steel silos in China today. The leader of the production and installation of steel silos.  


At present, steel silos can store granular, powder, grain, oil, food, brewing, coal, building materials, etc., and are widely used in industrial and agricultural fields, urban and rural areas and environmental protection industries.


Steel silo profile production equipment performance:


Can be rolled according to the production needs of a variety of steel strip width 100mm ≤ § ≤ 1100mm steel granary.


Production speed when punching online: 5~6 m/min.


Steel sheet forming equipment continuous forming speed: 8 ~ 12 m / min.


The cold-bending forming equipment produced by our company has the following advantages:


The equipment control is PLC control, and multiple safety protection is set during normal production.


The bed is welded with steel plates. It is also tempered to eliminate internal stress and avoid deformation of the fuselage.


The forming frame is cast iron structure and tempered. High strength and long service life.


The material of the roll shaft is 40Cr, and the hardness is HB280 after quenching and tempering treatment.


The material of the forming mold is GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness: HRC 56-62 °C.


The transmission structure is gearbox transmission. Each molding frame has a gearbox that guarantees time-out, high-intensity operation and long service life.


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