Magnesium metal is one of the lightest metals in common use, with a density of 1.74g/cm3 and a specific stiffness (the ratio of stiffness to mass) close to aluminum and steel. At present, the application of magnesium metal for sale is mainly concentrated in aluminum production, die-casting, and steel desulfurization, accounting for 43%, 35%, and 13% of the total consumption respectively. You can also find wide magnesium metal uses in rare earth alloys, cathodic protection materials, metal reductants, and chemical industries at the same time. Among them, magnesium alloy has the broadest application prospect. Due to its good machining performance, lightweight, high toughness, good shielding, and strong seismic noise reduction performance, magnesium metal alloy is widely used in aerospace, automobile parts, 3C products, and other fields.



Main uses: Magnesium Metal for sale is mainly used in magnesium alloy production, steel-making desulfurization, rare earth alloy, metal reduction, corrosion protection and other fields. Many steel mills adopt magnesium for desulfurization, and the desulfurization effect of magnesium particles is better than that of calcium carbide. Using a magnesium sacrificial anode for cathodic protection is an effective method to prevent metal corrosion. Magnesium sacrificial anode is widely used for corrosion protection of oil pipelines, natural gas, gas pipelines, and storage tanks, smelters, gas stations, water heaters, heat exchangers, evaporators, boilers and other equipment.

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