MCU Interface 2.4 Inch 240×320 IPS LCD Module

Kingtech 2.4inch 240×320 (QVGA) IPS/free/all/wide viewing angle LCD TFT display is very popular in the market. This 2.4 inch LCD is portrait type, and the 2.4 inch screen is mainly used for handheld devices. Plus the 2.4 LCD display can reach 800nits, so LCD 2.4 inch can be sunlight readable.


The 2.4 inch TFT LCD display has the existing capacitive touch. We, as one of LCD screen manufacturers, also produce 3.5 inch touch screen and any custom requirements for touchscreen will be welcomed.


Features of MCU Interface 2.4 Inch 240×320 IPS LCD Module

This kind of TFT 2.4 inch display has many features, as following:

All/Free/Wide viewing angle

240×320 resolution/QVGA resolution

LCD IPS screen

Can make 800nits and can be sunlight readable

Support TFT resistive touchscreen and capacitive touch


Specification of MCU Interface 2.4 Inch 240×320 IPS LCD Module


2.4 inch with 240*320 resolution IPS display

Model No




Outline Dimension


Active Area(mm)



250nits and 700nits


16-bits MPU

Viewing Angle


Driving IC


Display Mode

Transmissive/Normally black

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



Application of MCU Interface 2.4 Inch 240×320 IPS LCD Module

The 2.4 TFT spi 240×320 display can be used for medical devices, handheld equipment, industrial control, smart Home, POS machines and telecom products.

The 2.4inch IPS 800nits also can be used in sunlight-readable such as advertising machine, automotive device.