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WPC Extrusion Production Equipment

In recent years, wood-plastic products have become popular materials for ordinary household decoration and municipal construction projects. On the basis of the original wood-plastic equipment, our company has improved and developed the wpc production line equipment.


The wood-plastic production line can produce wood-plastic plates and profiles of different specifications by replacing different models of moulds. Widely used in municipal engineerings, such as wooden plastic fence, wooden plastic pavilion and other landscape buildings; family decoration, integrated kitchen board, integrated bathroom board, ceiling, door and window frame kick line, fast-loading wallboard; It can also be used to produce wooden plastic pallets, wooden plastic containers, etc. in industrial sector.


Our company’s wood plastic extrusion line equipment can cooperate with surface roughening equipment and surface embossing processing equipment to produce wood-plastic products with different texture patterns to meet the needs of different uses.


Performance & Advantages of WPC Extrusion Production Equipment

Raw materials are made of bamboo and wood fibers mixed with plastic materials. Bamboo and wood fibers are taken from nature, such as waste straw, straw, etc. They can be recycled to save costs and create greater profits. Products can be sawed, nailed, planed, painted and glued at will like wood. It is superior to wood in performance, insect-proof and durable.


Features of WPC Wood Plastic Extrusion Line

Fire and flame retardant


High strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, easy installation


Moisture-proof, sound-proof, waterproof


Easy to set up and clean


Good electrical insulation and heat insulation, thermal stability.


Good mechanical strength. The hollow board can be cut, sawed, nailed, and is easy to install.


Good flexibility, easy to shape, not easy to be brittle.


Save labor costs, light weight, convenient installation, reduce the workload of workers, and save installation costs.