Brass and Copper Machining

Copper or brass has excellent conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, wear-resistance, and other unique properties, which make brass or copper machining parts are widely used in power, electronics, energy, machinery, and other fields. We are equipped with complete and professional technologies for copper and brass CNC machining services such as CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, wire cutting, EDM, etc.


LJZ is one of the China professional brass machining companies and copper machining suppliers. Our custom machining technology will be your steady and firm partner of brass and copper machining.


Types of Surface Finishes Of CNC Machined Brass and Copper Parts


Copper and brass are very active metal and easy to be oxidized. Our commonly used surface treatments for CNC machined brass and copper parts are passivation and electroplating.


Passivation of Brass and Copper


Passivation has the effect of preventing oxidation and corrosion, and can effectively protect the surface of copper and brass products.


Electroplating Surface Finish of Brass and Copper


Electroplating can enhance the corrosion resistance of copper, and improve conductivity and heat resistance.


Benefits of LJZ Brass and Copper Machining

CNC brass or copper parts are durable and cost-effective. Our brass screw machine parts are made to meet your specifications and requirements! You will get the most advantages of our brass and copper CNC machining service:


Latest CNC technologies enable us to machine different brass or copper parts. Familiar with different materials’ characteristics help us to offer you valuable suggestions for your project.


Custom machining single prototype or a large batch of brass screw machine parts with in-time worldwide delivery.


A spectrometer detects raw materials to ensure its authenticity and safety.


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What’s the Relations Between Brass and Copper?

Compared with machining pure copper, brass machining has the advantages of better mechanical properties and low price and color beauty, is the most widely used, the most economical copper alloy.


Brass machining mechanical properties and wear resistance are very good, can be used in the manufacture of precision instruments, parts of the ship, gun shells, etc.


Application of Our CNC Brass and Copper Parts

If you have high requirements for the physical properties of your product materials, copper and brass will be your good choice. Copper is one of the most machinable materials and its acceptable price and good performance make it is preferred by engineers.


CNC brass and copper parts are generally suitable for:








Turbine blades




Valve components




Pump components




Not limited



CNC Brass Part Video

With the development of brass machining industrialization and regeneration technology, brass and copper machining production has developed in the direction of mechanization, continuity and automation. Specialized regeneration and production lines of important recycled brass varieties such as home appliances, electronic components and heat exchangers have appeared in foreign developed countries, and with economic development, copper and brass machining will appear as an important industry in the industrial system.