Consumer Products

We Handle CNC Machining, Injection Molding of the Consumer Products Development


The applications in the consumer markets are virtually unlimited, ranging from consumer electronics to household appliance, and other goods that make our everyday lives easier and more enjoyable. There are so many versatile consumer products, we don’t set the minimum order quantities and minimum order value, which means we are able to produce parts not only for design evaluation, but also high-volume parts for mass-market product development.


What Materials are Suitable in Consumer Products Industry?


ABS is a very versatile thermoplastic engineering plastic that can be made parts with complex features and tight tolerance. Consumer products do require a premium quality surface finishes and stable dimension to set them apart in the marketplace.



PC material is known for it’s transparency, good heat resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, making it ideal option for the household appliances. The strength of PC material is very high, almost 60 % higher than ABS.



Aluminum is a widely-used metal in consumer goods due to it’s high strength-to-weight ratio as well as good corrosion resistance. Also, aluminum is easy to polish and anodize to make it more outstanding for exterior consumer goods.



PP is characterized by a smooth surface, scratch resistance, and good impact resistance. Also, it is well known for it’s environmentally friendly properties.