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CNC Grinding

Flourish Legend is equipped with multiple fully automated CNC grinding machines capable of machining high hardened materials, brittle materials, plastics and metals. Our machining covers a wide range of CNC grinding techniques including flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, contour grinding, internal and external diameter grinding, optical grinding and axial grinding. With over 1000 customized CNC grinding case studies, please consult for custom manufacturing.


CNC Grinding Technology

High Precision: Our CNC grinding services achieve micron-level machining precision, ensuring highly accurate dimensions and surface quality of the parts.


Compicated Part Machining Capability: With advanced CNC grinding equipment and an experienced technical team, we can handle various shapes and complexities of parts, meeting specific customer machining requirements.


High Efficiency: Through CNC technology and optimized machining processes, we provide fast and efficient grinding services, reducing delivery time and enhancing customer production efficiency.


Integrated Solutions: We offer comprehensive services from initial design to final machining, ensuring consistency in quality and processes, and providing complete solutions for our customers.


Quality Control: We strictly adhere to quality management systems, conducting continuous monitoring and inspection throughout the entire machining process, ensuring stability and consistency in the quality of each processed part.


Advantages of Flourish Legend CNC Grinding

Advanced Equipment and Technology: We employ state-of-the-art CNC grinding equipment and advanced technology, incorporating automation and intelligence to ensure high precision and stability in the machining process. Through precise control and optimized tool paths, we achieve faster and more refined grinding to meet customer demands for high-quality parts.


Various Material Machining Capability: Our CNC grinding service is flexible in handling various materials such as metals, ceramics, composite materials, and hard alloys. With extensive processing experience and expertise, we develop optimal grinding solutions based on different material characteristics and machining requirements, ensuring the precision and surface quality of the parts.