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Cold roll forming technology has been widely used for its energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. Guardrail plate forming machine products have also been widely used in many industries such as construction, bridges, vehicle manufacturing, container production, and machinery manufacturing, and have played a huge role.


Full line is controlled by PLC control system with touch screen operation to achieve the human and PLC interactive. The operator can monitor the setting program (programmable control) and modify the parameter to control the line. Also can check the running status, parameter and error indication etc..


Operation type: manual /auto two type switch. In manual position: can run the each part of the machine. In auto position: can run the full line. The emergency stop ensures the safe of the equipment and operator.


Machine side is equipped with the manual operation control panel for convenient worker to operate.


Technical parameter

Technical Requirements


Operation area:25* 4.0 * 4.0(length *width* height)m


The direction of feeding: from left side to right side


Power: 380V, 50Hz, 3 parch


Hydraulic oil: # 46 hydraulic oil


Gear oil : # 18 hyperbolic gear oil


Motor Power:about 65KW


Material quality:MS,like Q195,Q235,50#steel,galvanized sheet


Main roll forming machine:


(The machine consists with drive motor, frame, forming roller and mould etc. The main forming machine drive adopted 45kw hard tooth face speedreducer with the frequency conversion velocity modulation, the encoder control brake.)


Gear box and universal coupling drive system.


Forming station: 12 stations


Material of the forming rollers: bearing steel GCr 15, with quench treatment.


Motor power: 45KW


Material of the roller shaft: 45# thermal refining , the diameter of the shaft is 90mm.


Hydraulic cutting device


Function; According to input work piece length parameter, uses encoder fixed-length, cut off the working piece after machine stop. Adopt hydraulic cutting type.