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CNC Machining Copper

Flourish Legend showcases the outstanding advantages of copper machining! Supported by advanced equipment and professional technical talents, we provide excellent brass component machining services. Copper, as a versatile material, exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and malleability, making it suitable for various application fields.


Our team excels in copper component machining processes and can shape it into precision CNC machining parts, decorative items, and other customized products. By choosing Flourish Legend, you will receive high precision and superior quality copper products that embody unique aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship. Let us collaborate and create captivating finished brass products together!


Basics and Considerations of ​CNC Machining of Copper

CNC copper machining is one of the most precise metal processing services for manufacturing copper parts in various industries. Copper possesses properties such as ductility and malleability, making it an ideal choice for CNC machining. Copper parts produced through customized CNC machining are used in industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical. Copper is one of the most easily machinable materials, allowing machinists to fully utilize its characteristics.


In this article, Flourish Legend provides all the information about CNC copper machining, its applications, and various factors to consider before machining copper. By understanding the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each alloy, you can choose the ideal copper alloy based on your design requirements.