Sandwich Panel Equipment Is Getting More Popular

With the popularization and application of sandwich panel equipment, many large industrial and mining plants, warehouses, steel roof truss and large equipment now use color steel tile or color steel plate, or even glazed color steel equipment, which makes the appearance of our living buildings more colorful, beautiful and neat.


These color steel tiles are pressed by color steel equipment (whose professional name cold bending forming equipment). The color steel plate enters into the color steel forming equipment, and is pressed into various kinds of plates by various rollers, and then processed into suitable plates that can be used after shearing.


Sandwich panel equipment is mainly composed of a feeding channel, steel plate forming active shearing equipment, hydraulic system, imported movement computer control system, high-precision active length measurement system, etc. The machine device is placed on an excellent and stable foundation, so that the machine will not cause a sensation in operation, and then ensure the accuracy, performance and extend the life of the machine, so as to ensure better working efficiency and production capacity of the machine.


The front and the back sides of the sandwich panels produced by sandwich panel making machine are all shallow flat indentation plates, and the plates are connected by I-shaped aluminum. The core material is polystyrene foam or rock wool and glass wool. This type of slab is mainly used for the roofing of wall panels and composite houses in foreign countries. After wall modification, the sides of the upper panel are turned up and the cover is used for the roof of the factory building and gymnasium. Later, with the introduction of sandwich panels and sandwich panel production line, roof waterproofing has been greatly improved through their own design and improvement.