Brass Cable Gland

The brass cable gland is used to secure cables and is waterproof in design.


The brass cable gland is fixed with a special design of rubber parts, which has a wide clamping range, strong pull-resistant seal, no damage to cables and equipment. Cables, made by the cable gland manufacturers, can be plugged in and easily tightened without dis-assembly.


The brass cable glands with different prices are suitable for mechanical control box, distributor, electrical appliances, machinery, and so on, Offering strong construction, durability, and high performance. Moreover, as a professional brass cable gland manufacturer, we assure our clients to deliver our products in time.


Brass Cable Gland FAQs

 What’s the advantage of brass cable gland ?

The brass material is sturdy and durable, not easy to be oxidized. Brass cable gland can be waterproof, dustproof, salt-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, alcohol, grease and general solvents.


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