Uscrew Injection Molding

Unscrew injection molding, as its name implied, there is thread in the plastic part for easy assemble and connection with other screw parts. Unscrew mold design is common in our daily life as we can see the caps form our bottle. This is kind of a very basic and normal unscrew molding products. 


The Introduction of Unscrewing Mould


Unscrew molding is a very important form of injection molding. Unscrew mold manufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature. However, many mold factories cannot really master the technical essentials. The injection mold unscrewing mechanism have very strict requirements for the entire mold manufacturing and processing because of their assembly performance. Unscrew mold is divided into internal thread mold and external thread mold. Externally threaded molds can generally be realized by slider in the mold, but the precision is very high. Internally threaded molds generally require the cooperation of the core pulling structure.


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