• $3000

Sewing Needle Making Machine

Out put: 450-600pcs/min

Wire diameter: Φ0.45-1.2mm

Space required: 8m(L)*2m(w)

Total power: 8.2KW

Suitable material: Galvanized wire

Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ

Dimension: 4000x1200x1700 mm

Weight: 2600Kg


Details or Advantage

1. CANDID Sewing needle making machine adopts a reversible safety cover which could protect the operators when the machine is running. Besides, it is also convenient to operate and maintain the equipment.

2. Our molds adopt high-quality Alloy Steel so that the operating life of molds will be longer and saving more time and more efficient.

3. CANDID sewing needle making machine has a working light, the operator could easy to operate the machine when it is dark. If you don’t need it, you can remove the light as well.



Sewing needle has different types and models which the thickness, length, shapes, and size of pinhole are different as well. The sewing needle is used for stitching clothes, leather, gauze and etc. Normally, length for the sewing needle is from 36mm to 72mm which is according to the different usage.  

CANDID sewing needle making machine is suitable for making various types of sewing needle with galvanized steel wire as raw materials. The whole line totally has three machines: Wire sharpening machine, Wire cutting and straightening machine and Sewing needle forming machine. The wire sharpening machine can sharpen both sides of the needle, then the needle forming machine could forming two needles simultaneously, it’s greatly improved the working efficiency. We can design the sewing needle making machine regarding our clients’ different requests. The mold in our machine is alloy steel, with longer operating life, saving more time and more efficient.  

The customers from many countries have ordered sewing needle making the machine from us, such as Russia, Algeria, Pakistan, India, Nepal and etc. We always believe that the machine quality and service is the most important thing. Due to the investment in equipment is one-off, but the quality is directly affected on customer’s profit. If our machine has any problems, we will always do our best to solve them.  


Machine Item

Straightening and cutting machine

Sharpening machine

Needle forming machine










 600pcs. /min

3,500pcs. /min

450-600pcs. /min


2.2kw/380V, 3-Phase/50Hz

1.5kw/380V, 3-Phase/50Hz

4.5kw/380V, 3-Phase/50Hz






1700mm x 1200mm x 1200mm

900mm x 1100mm x 1300mm

1300mm x1500mm x 1800mm