What are the Specifications of Foam Sandwich Panels and Rock Wool Sandwich Panels in the Sandwich Panel Machine?

What are the specifications of foam sandwich panels and rock wool sandwich panels in the sandwich panel machine line?


Foam sandwich panel

Polystyrene sandwich panel (foam sandwich panel) by sandwich panel line is a new type of building board. It is composed of steel plates on both sides of the outer layer and polystyrene on the inner layer with high-strength adhesive, which is pressurized and humidified by a computer-controlled color-coated steel forming machine.


Features: it includes light weight for only 10~14 kg/m2, convenient installation, short construction period, low comprehensive cost, high overall rigidity, high strength and flexible use. What’s more, the length of the plate can be determined according to the requirements of engineering design and the conditions of installation and transportation. It also has good heat insulation, sound insulation and moisture retention performance with the average thermal conductivity of 0.032 kcal/mh·degree.


It can be widely used, including prefabricated houses, steel structures, warehouses, commercial buildings, indoor and outdoor stadiums, cold storage, building indoor partitions.


Rock wool sandwich panel

Rock wool sandwich panel by the rockwool production line is suitable for projects with higher requirements for fire protection. The rock wool fiber perpendicular to the metal panels and the high-density strips of rock wool staggered along the length of the board ensure that the rock wool sandwich panels have a good bearing capacity.




Fire prevention: it can stand for 79 mins.


It will be affected by the weather.


Sound insulation: it is complied with ISO717/82&UNI18270/7 standards, especially used in environments with high sound insulation requirements.


It can be widely used, including clean workshops, modular houses, storey-adding, indoor compartments, car paint houses and frozen storage. It is also suitable for other internal decoration such as medicine, electronics, food, beverage, vegetable preservation, large-scale cold storages and civil buildings.