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10KW-20KW Solar Storage System

If your house has many high-power appliances (such as multiple air conditioners, water pumps, large-capacity refrigerators), and the daily power consumption is large, then the 10-20KW solar power supply systems are prepared for this. This series of products can carry up to 20KW of electrical appliances, and the maximum power generation is 70KWH per day. Using the newly developed MPPT controller, the conversion efficiency of 99% is almost no waste of electricity from the solar panels. At the same time, the system has a WIFI monitoring function, which can monitor the power generation status of the system through the mobile app at any time.


The Details of 10KW-20KW Solar Storage System


The system is specially designed for high-power electrical appliances to ensure stable operation when the electrical appliances are turned on at the same time.

The solar panels use cells with a conversion efficiency of up to 22%. The same number of solar panels will generate more power.

It provides two options of both lead-acid/gel batteries and lithium batteries, which can be chosen based on system budget and using condition flexibly.

The optional WIFI monitoring module can monitor the power generation and operation of the system through the mobile phone APP.


The Specification of 10KW-20KW Solar Storage System


The Production of 10KW-20KW Solar Storage System

Solar power system accessories are on mass production. Our company strictly follows the international standards for solar products production and carries out a detailed division of labor for the assembly process of each accessory to ensure that each process has quality inspections. The final product will also undergo at least 48 hours of continuous aging to ensure that every solar component can meet the client’s requirements.