UV LED Drying Machine


FUNCTION: This machine is available to drying the UV paint after painting to dry quickly.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The service life of this machine is more than 10 times that of a traditional mercury lamp curing machine, and the maintenance cost is almost zero. Without mercury, UV-led light wave is simple (365NM-405NM optional), no other clutter is generated, no low band ultraviolet light harmful to the human body is produced, and the harm to the human body is small. Module control, according to the actual production control light length and area, length from 20mm to 1000 mm, electric power can also be adjusted to 10%to 100%, greatly reducing waste.


Specification of UV LED Drying Machine



Working width

600 mm/1300 mm

Working thickness

3-80 mm

Minimum length

300 mm

Feeding speed

0-20 m/min

Feeding power

0.75 kW


Plywood, solid wood, particleboard, HPL, PVC, WPC, SPC, metal, glass, plastic, ceramic tile, calcium silicate board, cement fiberboard, gypsum board, melamine board, stainless steel, vermiculite board