Metal Zip Ties

The metal zip tie is made of stainless steel, and it can be used indoors, outdoors, even underground and in harsh environments such as the sea. The metal zip ties have fire resistance, weather resistance, and radiation resistance, and can also prevent corrosion and deterioration of seawater.


The end of the tightening metal zip ties are covered with small steel balls. This small steel ball can not only help us to insert the cable tie smoothly but also use the tilt of the head to act as a lock after tie-up items. A strong binding force can be obtained through the strong friction between the steel ball and the metal cable tie.


Metal cable ties have extremely high tensile strength, and the automatic locking device can ensure fast, safe and firm binding.


Metal Zip Ties FAQs

What’s the price of metal zip ties?

Price changes according to the size and material. However, we will keep providing best and competitive price for each customer.


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